10 Things you should know before & during Sat/act preparation

ACT and SAT are important exams during high school years and college as they potentially affect tour future career. The schools receive thousands of applications every year and they don’t have time to read through every file and document. ACT and SAT entrance exams help the colleges to filter out right and ambitious students for their reputed study courses. ACT and SAT scores make a student eligible for merit-based scholarships which makes the impossible or expensive courses also as a workable opportunity for all aspirants.

ACT and SAT add another advantage of showing the college or university how sound is a student academically even if the GPA is little lower than expected. These exams are a perfect opportunity to show that a student can work under pressure, sturdy hard and perform to the best of his strength. Ten to one, a highs core in ACT and SAT exam pays well in long run!

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Here are some easy tips and tricks to follow before or during your ACT and SAT preparation:

  1. Take a look at both ACT and SAT section closely and choose one or both as per your requirement. Look at both options and make an informed decision which showcases your abilities best.

  2. Research well on the syllabus and prepare a schedule chart with smart goals with timelines to complete the course on time and leave spare time for revision.

  3. The journey might be difficult but is definitely not impossible. Pump yourself up and motivate for rigorous continuous reparation to achieve the best score in ACT and SAT exam.

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  1. Enroll yourself in TAS course with your preferred location and gear up for full-fledged preparation.

  2. Take an official practice test, before you start your ACT and SAT preparation. This will give you an idea about the course and help you prepare as per the same guidelines.

  3. Create a quiet work environment and study with a timer on to keep a check on your preparations.

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  1. It is important to study the main concepts in each test section. You can take help of free resources to study online as well.

  2. Opt the trick of elimination to choose the right answer. It makes easy to attend to a difficult question and reach to right answer with logical elimination of wrong options.

  3. Always understand your mistakes and practice questions to see dramatic improvements. If you can take care of time pressure, comprehension issues, and careless errors, then you can easily avoid any mistake and assure a good ACT and SAT score.

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TAS offers a planned curriculum which includes integrated mathematics, analytical reading, and evidence-based passages. Making a schedule and learning time management is easy and fun with TAS coaching. The TAS tests series for ACT and SAT preparation requires a lot of planning and take into consideration homework, daily practice, volunteer work, and other extracurricular to learn in teams. TAS ACT and SAT preparation tutoring strategy includes weekday and weekend lectures and offers additional support and availability of tutors online for doubt sessions.

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