Essentials for LI Camps during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How can Long Island Summer Camps be safe and productive during Coronavirus?

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With schools going online and nearly all summer camps resorting to virtual programs, hands-on learning has become very important. Learning has been changing for kids ever since schools closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Parents are carefully thinking if they want to send their kids back to school and camp. Even conservative commentator Scott Jennings at CNN says that he’s a “yes” for summer camps.

The most important step for a STEM-Summer camp is to make learning fun again. Kids want to go back to school to learn, and interact. They shouldn’t be put into a classroom and just taught on a whiteboard. Learning needs to be reinvented for future generations. All STEM Summer Camps should lead the way, and design experiments to make learning enjoyable.


You don’t want your child at a STEMonly Summer Camp. You want them at a STEM-Summer Camp that also prioritizes outdoor activity, arts, public speaking, debate, and so much more.

It might sound crazy, but the most successful students are always well-rounded. There are camps such as TAS STEM-Summer Camp which have all of the activities mentioned plus more. They have Physics Summer Labs, Chemistry Summer Labs, and Biology Summer Labs. At the same time, they take kids to field trips, parks, hiking, and make sure they remain active.

You should always choose a camp that provides everything. If a future coding genius is also a good debater, imagine how far he or she can go.

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Too many STEM Summer Camps have turned a kids love for coding and game design into a room with 4 walls and a computer. Come on… this is their SUMMER VACATION.

Wouldn’t it be great if they coded their own website, filled with pictures of all their outdoor summer adventures? They should be able to create a soccer game, learn coding and logic, and then go play soccer when they’re done. Certain camps such as TAS STEM Summer Camp understand this perfectly. Their students learn python, javascript, web design, game design, and still have field trips. That’s how your child will have the BEST SUMMER EVER.

Gifted and Talented Kids always work hard, and stay fit. Studies have shown that students who do this are the most likely to be successful.

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Most Gifted and Talented kids are already doing well in school. They usually are the top of their class, and ready for upcoming years. However, that doesn’t mean that they should give away that advantage.

A STEM Summer Program should help kids stay in practice over the summer. There should be a little time set aside for kids to review math, common core, english, reading and vocabulary for next year. This way their kids can get ahead and stay ahead.

TAS specifically reviews Math and English for the upcoming school year. From Elementary School Math to Middle School English, they help every kid get ready for the upcoming school year.


The C.D.C. (Centers for Disease Control) have set out specific summer camp guidelines that each summer camp should follow. Be sure to pick a camp for your child that does ALL of these.

This is definitely a time where it’s best to be extra cautious.

Camps should provide masks, ensure social distancing, provide individual computers and art supplies, and teach young kids how to be safe in this new normal. We want our kids to stay New York Tough but also have an INCREDIBLE summer vacation.

This sounds difficult, but there are camps who are taking the step forward. TAS STEM Summer Camp has already socially distanced, have staff and facilities ready to provide safe learning, and a staggered schedule to help kids socialize safely.

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