6 Fun & Educational Things for Middle School Students in Summer Camp Programs 2020

The Summer Camp Activities promoted by TAS New York come in immensely handy for middle-school students. A typical TAS summer camp program embodies a balanced mix of classroom education, online sessions, creative pursuits, STEM-based instructions, hands-on-training, and field trips.

Grade 6-8 students by taking advantage of the best summer programs for middle school students are able to boost their cognitive skills.
Youngsters in middle school eagerly look forward to fun summer camps of TAS during their summer holidays.

  1. Picking Up an Innovative Skill

Middle-school students learn an innovative skill that serves them well throughout their lives, thanks to the summer camp for teens. Teenagers become adept in computer programming and coding, that enables them to design a game or create a website.

The application software and programs used by the students have been devised with a view to facilitating understanding of the basics of coding. A few of the highlights of the coding program of TAS include:-

Summer Camp Coding Classes

Summer Camp Coding Classes

  • Integrated software

  • Makes game and website designing a breeze

  • Hands-on training

  • Python compatible

  1. Explore the world of reading

TAS proffers some of the best Summer Camp Activities in New York where young minds get numerous opportunities to explore the world of reading. The youngsters are introduced to a realm where they come across famous literary and historical personalities and the books written by them.

The young learners discover and appreciate the pleasure and significance of reading. Middle school boys and girls, after joining TAS fun summer camps realize that they can enrich their lives and excel in studies by reading books.

  1. STEM-Focused Learning is The Essence of Summer Camp Programs

STEM-focused learning lies at the heart of TAS Summer Camp Programs. Highly skilled and experienced tutors deliver instructions in a way that makes it easy for pupils to understand difficult topics. Students registering for summer camps in Long Island become skilled at solving complex mathematical problems.

Fascinating illustrations, engaging puzzles, and impressive diagrams help adolescents easily identify with complicated aspects of physics, chemistry, and biology. The perceptive lessons that form the core of STEM education enable students to appreciate complicated ‘Common Core State Standards’ concepts.

Some of the unique features of TAS’s STEM-based sessions are:-

STEM-focused learning

STEM-focused learning is the essence of summer camp programs

  • Fully integrated with Common Core

  • Helps boost IQ

  • Stimulates competitive learning

  • Engineering Sciences

  • Advanced level grammar, writing exercises, and math topics

  1. Gaining Practical Experience Through Field Trips

Becoming familiar with the world that lies beyond the home and the school is extremely crucial. At the same time, students need to apply their theoretical knowledge in real life through hands-on training. Trips to archives, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and industrial units are organized during the duration of the summer day camps.

Students also undertake trekking trips, mountaineering expeditions, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, cross-country cycling, and other types of adventurous activities.

  1. Learning to Think Out of the Box-Summer Camp Programs, Boys Summer Camps

The TAS summer camp programs provide the ideal platform for middle-school students to become acquainted with new themes and topics. The interactive and unique teaching methodologies used in boys’ summer camps encourage thinking outside the box, and also getting ready for, Math Olympiad, and SSAT/SCAT tests.

  1. Nurturing Creativity Through Arts and Crafts Girls Summer Camp Activities

The ‘Arts & Crafts curriculum followed in girls’ summer camps allow adolescents to learn painting, sculpture, sketching, and much more. Kids, by consistently practicing a specific form of art, realize and make the most of their inner potential.

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