9 Common FAQ that parents ask about TAS private high school tutoring program

Common FAQ Questions Parents ask about TAS High School Tutoring Program

Common FAQ that Parents ask about TAS

Taking tuitions from a private high school tutor is indispensable nowadays for high schoolers preparing to sit for college admission tests. Parents of high schoolers ask the following 9 questions about TAS private high school tutoring program more often than not. After all, the guardians want to ensure that they’re entrusting their wards under the care and guidance of best private tutors for high school students.

The TAS summer tutoring programs guarantee holistic and cohesive learning where students make the most of STEM-based education.

1. How would your private high school tutor deal with academic problems my daughter if facing?

We fully understand and realize that many high schoolers have to struggle with completing the Common Core syllabus. Regardless of whether the student is grappling with a subject matter pertaining to English, Maths or Science, our private high school tutors make sure every student understands the nuances and subtleties. The lessons are designed in a manner which the students find riveting, enabling them to easily pick up complex Common Core topics.

The private high school tutor delivers instructions by taking advantage of the STEM-oriented teaching methodology, thereby motivating students to keep learning. Our private tutoring program is:-

  • STEM-based

  • Compatible with Common Core

  • Conducive for Regents, Honours & Enrichment, AP Test, and SAT/ACT Tests preparation

2. Can the TAS private tutoring program for high school effectively groom high schoolers for AP, SAT, ACT, and Regents?

Yes, our high school tutoring program has been designed innovatively, allowing high schoolers to prepare thoroughly for Regents, ACT, SAT, and AP tests. The tailor-made curriculum allows the students to focus on their drawbacks and weak spots. Once they’re through with the training program, they feel fully confident about appearing in the exams.

3. Do your summer tutoring programs help develop organizational and time management skills?

Our private tutors for high school students have come across innumerable pupils wanting in time management and effective organization skills. The tutors coordinate with the students in cultivating better learning habits as well as devising strategies and plans for improved time management.

4. Is your high school tutoring program pocket-friendly?

We offer the best rates for our summer tutoring programs-you can bet on that. The prices will suit the pockets of almost all parents. Some unique features of TAS private tutoring payment plans are:-

  • No separate fees for pickup service

  • Fees directly payable to TAS

  • 10% discount if fees for five months are paid in/at one go

  • No hidden charges

  • Rebates for siblings

5. Does the high school students’ summer camp enable my teenage son to learn a new skill?

The high school students’ summer camp serves as the perfect platform for mastering computer coding. TAS students start learning from scratch and acquire perfection in developing software, mobile apps, SEO websites, and so on.

6. What is the teaching/instructional methodology you follow?

TAS high school tutoring program makes the most of an eclectic and broad-based teaching methodology. Our teachers deliver instructions on concepts and subject-matters that standardized public high schools do not bother to teach. Students regularly complete worksheets, home assignments, and projects that go a long way in inculcating interest in different subjects.

7. Is your learning environment safe and secure for students?

Staff members of TAS have to go through an obligatory annual background check. We always have and continue to offer services on our own instead of subcontracting the same to third parties. We give the contact number of the respective TAS staff member deputed to pick your ward from school.

8. What is the student to teacher/staff member ratio?

We try our level best to uphold a staffing ratio of ten children to one adult throughout. We also provide online, 1to1, and small group classes.

9. How will I know or understand that my child is making progress?

We create a bespoke study plan for every TAS student based on his/her proficiency and limitations. Our private high school tutors prepare a report that clearly mentions the student’s level of progress. Many of our students go on to become toppers in their high school examinations.

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