9 creative things for teens in TAS summer camp programs 2020 for high school students

The TAS summer camp programs have been exclusively designed for young minds with a view to stimulating their psychological development. The best summer programs for high school students offer teenagers a congenial academic environment where they make the most of STEM-oriented curriculum, field trips, mentorship, and daily activities. The intuitive sessions enable the high school students to pick up complex fundamental concepts, thereby keeping them motivated.

The summer camp programs of TAS New York represent a judicious blend of synergistic lessons and art classes, creative activities, basic math tutoring, brainteasers, and much more. Many teens, who have registered for the TAS New York summer camps for high school students have excelled in different subjects in their school.

1. Summer camp art programs

TAS organizes summer art classes in different cities in the state of New York. The arts & crafts lessons are highly engaging and amusing, enabling youngsters to learn the basics of sketching, cartooning, sculpturing, oil painting, and the like. The art classes are held in East Meadow, Hempstead, Deer Park, Long Island, Nassau, Bethpage, Westbury, Uniondale, Brentwood, and many other cities. Some of the highlights of the summer art classes are:-

  • Open to anybody aged 4+

  • Learners start from scratch for which previous experience is not necessary

  • Thoroughly safe-constant monitoring and supervision

  • Eco-friendly drawing and painting materials

  • Special offers for experienced artists

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2. STEM-based mentoring

STEM-based mentoring and training is the USP of TAS New York’s summer camp programs. Students receive in-depth tutoring in subjects and topics with a high orientation towards science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Themes and subject-matters which are usually left out in public high-schools are covered in educational summer camps offered by TAS. Exclusive features of STEM-based teaching include:-

  • Stimulating homework assignments, projects, and worksheets

  • Online sessions, small group classes, and 1-to-1 interaction

  • Helping pupils prepare for SAT/ACT/AP/Regents examinations

  • Specialist tutors who offer holistic guidance

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3. Professionally oriented computer coding

TAS summer camps for teens assist novice coders and learners in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of computer programming. The Long Island Fall computer coding programs enable high-school teenagers to learn the essentials of graphics design, web design and development, apps design, and so on. They gather knowledge on programming languages and design tools like Python, Java, C++, Illustrator, and Adobe, Photoshop.

4. Grounding for high school tests

The summer camps in Long Island furnish the perfect platform to students intending to master the Common Core program. High school students get complete guidance for American College Test (ACT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Regents Examination, Advanced Preparation (AP). Some of the unique aspects of TAS high-school coaching comprise:-

  • STEM-based instructions

  • Integrated with Common Core

  • Full-scale simulated examinations

  • Honors classes

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5. Engaging outdoor activities

Outdoor activities of fun summer camps allow students to gain knowledge about their surroundings. Young learners perform well in their studies when they’re conversant with the world around them. Out-of-doors activities comprise community service, nature education, wildlife safari, rock climbing, trekking, and much more.

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6. Intuitive field trips for hands-on learning

Field trips are an integral element of TAS summer day camps. The adolescents have a whale of a time at wildlife reserves, museums, archives, and beaches. The field trips organizers ensure that the outings are student-friendly and safe.

7. Meditation classes

‘Create & Meditate Classes’ serve as the most practical way to relieve stress and feel rejuvenated. The participants make the most of meditation and art for de-stressing.

8. Making reading interesting and effective

Helping students discover the joy of reading is an indispensable facet of TAS educational summer camps. Students develop the habit of reading books outside their curriculum.

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9. The best of both worlds-blending traditional classes with online sessions

TAS summer day camps seamlessly blend brick-and-mortar classroom education and online sessions.

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