Many students have exchanged their regular Honors and Regents courses for more intensive AP courses. Students should feel that they have every resource at their fingertips to help them keep their AP class averages high.

With a wide selection of fully prepared programs and tutors at all TAS Learning Centers, we are ready to take students through every topic covered on both the AP Exam and also their class exams. We provide a full, in-depth review of every topic, worksheets, practice tests, answer keys and much more to make sure students feel confident and prepared in class!

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AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1/2/C

AP Computer Science Principles

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STEM Based

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Online & Classroom

TAS provides the best Tutoring with programs that help students fully prepare for the Common Core Curriculum. Whether it’s topics in Math, Science, English or others, our tutors will ensure each student fully understands each lesson and enjoys learning!

Our interactive lessons help young students to understand difficult common core concepts so they can feel motivated and engaged while learning. This, combined with creative activities, problem-solving, elementary school math tutoring, games, puzzles, reading, pattern-matching and sentence creation exercises, have helped our students become the top kid in their class!


Tutoring made EASY

At TAS, we understand the importance of the internet within our day-to-day operations. Through the use of our online portals, students can ask questions and receive help at any time of the day from our experienced tutors. This specifically aids in AP style courses, where every year there are new questions and concepts being tested. Through such an inclusive atmosphere, TAS’s AP Prep is here to help! .

We take students through a full review of every topic tested on their AP Exam. Students have access to notes, worksheets, full-length topic reviews, and actual AP-level problems. Our individualized curriculum will focus directly on where a student is having trouble. By the time they sit for their AP Exam, they’re both confident and prepared!

Full Topic Review

Full Practice Exams

Short and Free Responses

AP Ready

All AP Exams Included

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Let’s make sure you’re ready.

Many students choose to take on challenging AP courses in high school. When students learn in an AP-level environment, they are actually taking on a college courseload in a high school setting. These classes are specifically designed for the brightest students to get a headstart on the degree of learning required in a college atmosphere. TAS’s AP Prep can help with this sudden transition, and ensure that your child gets the best help from a variety of experienced tutors.

AP Courses have become very important to many top-level universities. When a student excels in their AP courseload, they are on track to excel in these top-level universities. Our tutors can help high school students prepare for these AP exams.

Common Core Ready

Honors Classes

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TAS provides the best tutoring for any stage in your child’s education. Our summer courses are designed to be crash courses for the student’s upcoming subjects. Whether students are starting Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry or others, getting a head start will mean a very high GPA in the coming year. Our programs are designed to make sure that students are fully prepared for the coming year.



Our tutors are experienced and trained to establish engaging learning environments where students feel safe, productive, and confident.


Free Pickup

We pick up students after their school ends. Pick up is included as part of our program at no additional cost.

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Daily Activities

We help students finish all of their school homework. Tutors are available to help them check, learn, and finish any assignment. This way once your child gets home, you can focus on family time.


Know How You’re Doing.

Through the amount of resources in our program, tutors and students can constantly keep in touch regarding course material and studying. If necessary, parents can book a meeting with a tutor regarding their child’s progress in the course and fit prefferred learning styles into their classes.

In all of our classes, our students and tutors are on the same page regarding their progress in the course and level of completion. Through this, no student is left in the dark regarding their progress.


Our students have gained acceptance into undergraduate, research, and internship programs at some of the finest universities in the country.

We’ve helped them, and we are here to help you.



Is your child in Math Olympiads, or Mathletes? We can help you train up and fully prepare for the CML exams. Our students do numerous practice problems, worksheets, exercises, and mock tests so that they can bring home the prize!

Is your child in Math Olympiads, or Mathletes? We can help you train up and fully prepare for the CML exams. Our students do numerous practice problems, worksheets, exercises, and mock tests so that they can bring home the prize!

Is your child in Math Olympiads, or Mathletes? We can help you train up and fully prepare for the CML exams. Our students do numerous practice problems, worksheets, exercises, and mock tests so that they can bring home the prize!

Young Developers (High School Computer Coding)


Stand out in High School and in College.

Computer coding is one of the fastest growing industries and fields across the world. Students from all over the country are creating apps, games, userfriendly websites, softwares, and becoming enormously successful. TAS students learn from the very beginning to create apps and softwares for a purpose. We teach students coding, graphic design, user-friendly models and so much more so that they can call themselves developers. This sets them far apart from other college applicants.

Professional Software

No Prior Experience Required

Step by Step Guidance

Web Design

Software Creation

Python, Java, Javascript

We’re here to Guide, Inspire, and Support


from TAS Students


Farmingdale, NY
(Grade 10)

“I’ve been with my tutor for about one year. You wouldn’t believe how far I’ve come from when I started. I was having trouble with math and science, and I was considering changing my college major as a result.
” – Maya Harridass


Jericho, NY
(Grade 6)

“I’ll admit it was scary thinking about graduating to middle school, but TAS made the transition very easy! My tutor was easy-going and encouraging to not only myself but everyone in the class, and I’m excited to make new friends and apply my new skills next year.”
” – Anna Kvizkov


We’re here to help!