At the TAS Long Island learning center, we help you to grow and teach you how to study. We offer one on one tutoring, group classes, as well as online classes. Our experienced tutors will teach our students reading and writing skills, as well as provide a STEM based learning experience. We provide worksheets, projects, and homework to give your child the best touring classes.





STEM Based

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Online & Classroom

Our two locations for tutoring in Deer Park or Hicksville are made convenient for you and your child. We help students feel motivated, interested and overall enjoy learning. Making sure your child gets the best tutors and education is our number one goal. If you want to be top in your class, sign up today!

A Strong Base

Preparing your child for the future.

Elementary school is the best time to start preparing your child for future studies. We teach students to be confident, organized and neat. Therefore, students will gain the important skills and habits they need to succeed in coming grades. Our TAS tutors are trained and experienced in helping young kids learn Math, English, Science, and History. 

TAS Tutoring Center
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The best early investment is a good education.

TAS tutors show our young students skills they can take with them to middle and high school. Our interactive classes teach the best learning habits. We want you to grow new interests and help you with challenges. All our tutors are ready to help your kid succeed from a young age.

Common Core Ready

Homework Help

Spelling and Reading Comprehension

STEM Based Learning

Multiplication and Division

Fractions and Decimals


Our After School Program helps students review their work, finish homework assignments, and make sure their day is productive. Students can get help from TAS tutors on all school assignments. You won’t have to worry about missed assignments or ensuring your child studies for his or her upcoming exam.




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Homework Help
Daily Activities

TAS Tutoring Center
TAS Tutoring Center

Computer Coding
& Game Design

Learn. Code. Change the future.

It’s never too early to build a new interest. Designed for students Grades 3+, our program gives students a user friendly and interactive head start to coding. Our computer coding program helps students learn about website design, game creation, and so much more.


Made by TAS Students

White headed capuchins - TAS Student Projects

Sahil Nagpal
(White Headed Capuchins)


Daniel Snyder

Film Fans - TAS Student Projects

Neev Bhutani
Tavsimar Anand
(Film Fans)

the Bahamas TAS student projects

Ashley Sehgal
Zareen Saiyeda
(Bahamas: Travel Guide)

TAS Tutoring Center


The best early investment is a good

In TAS Elementary School Tutoring we encourage all of our students to push their boundaries and try to reach their highest potential! Even from an early age, we encourage kids to learn new topics, and gain entry into gifted programs such as Johns Hopkins CTY search. We help students with SCAT preparation, learn new topics, and give them the tools they need to be the smartest kid in class.

Common Core has now been implemented throughout NYS and we’re here to help students deal with the changes. All of our tutors are ready to teach the curriculum, and make sure that kids don’t get confused with the “new way of doing things.” Give your child the resources they need to succeed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our evaluations are thorough and FREE!

The first step to learning is pairing children with the right class and teacher. We test your child’s math and reading level for free. Then your child gets his or her individualized curriculum to help them excel in Math and English. Evaluations can be scheduled at both our Deer Park and Hicksville Locations. Contact us to reserve a seat!

Both. We have small group classes and private 1 on 1 classes available.

Every child has a learning environment where they excel. We provide both private 1 on 1 classes and small group classes at our Hicksville and Deer Park locations. Our classes follow the NYS Common Core Curriculum so what students learn in class is exactly what they will need in school. This is the best way to help your child succeed!

Yes! We have students each year attend CTY Programs across the country!

We have taken students of all ages through SCAT Test Prep. Students practice quantitative problems, and logical analysis to prepare for the SCAT Exam. We provide online practice problems to resemble testing day. Our students have gained acceptance into the CTY Program and your child can too. Contact us and set up a FREE Evaluation!

Yes. We can make sure your child is fully prepared.

We have classes and curriculums specifically designed to prepare students for the CML Math Competitions. Each child can learn the logic puzzles, math problems, and word problems to give them the edge over other students. All practice problems are specifically geared towards competitive testings. Online timed modules are also provided to help students get to the right answer quickly!

We have many pricing options available.

We offer both private and small group classes. Our pricing are based on the number of hours, frequency of classes, and level of each child. To get a full breakdown of our pricing structure, bring your child in for a FREE evaluation. We’ll give your child an exam, gauge their level, and recommend an appropriate package for his or her goal.

We’re here to Guide, Inspire, and Support


from TAS Students

TAS Learning


Farmingdale, NY
(Grade 10)

“I’ve been with my tutor for about one year. You wouldn’t believe how far I’ve come from when I started. I was having trouble with math and science, and I was considering changing my college major as a result.
” – Maya Harridass

TAS Tutoring - After School


Jericho, NY
(Grade 6)

“I’ll admit it was scary thinking about graduating to middle school, but TAS made the transition very easy! My tutor was easy-going and encouraging to not only myself but everyone in the class, and I’m excited to make new friends and apply my new skills next year.”
” – Anna Kvizkov


We’re here to help!