Last minute tips and tricks for your ACT test prep classes

Getting the perfect ACT score is important to get into your dream school. Unlike other tests, ACT prep classes needs a very practical approach and it’s important to develop the skill of test cracking methods. The test measures the readiness of a student to get into a college. The test is based on English, reading, mathematics, and science with an optional 40 minutes writing test. The total span of the test goes around 3 hours where the potential candidates are judged and marked as per their proficiency. The key to crack the test with the best score is to have though preparation and blend it with hard work and wittiness.

Some quick tips and tricks for ACT Test Preparation:

  1. Focus on correcting your mistakes with help of through practice tests. This will helps you focus on particular topics area which is problematic for you.

  2. It is very important to keep a track of your timing while ACT prep. This will help you be a better judge for the real test environment and make you perform your best even in pressure.

  3. While working on English comprehensions, make sure to read the paragraphs thoroughly before marking your answers. Choose the most concise answer in your ACT exam. The “no change” answers can be tricky, hence so don’t second guess yourself if you are certain there isn’t an error. Practice tricky questions mow to ensure you are ultimately making the right call.

TAS Tutoring Center
  1. Always attempt the paper with the section you are more comfortable with. This builds up confidence and helps you attain a better ACT score.

  2. While taking practice tests in your ACT prep classes, use the process of elimination as your main strategy to attack the tough or confusing equations.

Lastly, have a sound sleep before your ACT exam, to assure proper rest and peace in the morning while you attempt the question.

TAS Tutoring Center

ACT prep classes with TAS

TAS helps you get the best preparation for the ACT. The programs are regularly revised and updated to offer unique and broad training with the expert ACT prep tutors to assist students to improve their scores and language. The course offers professional English which includes reading comprehensives, grammar rules and concepts, structures in literature etc. and many more. The mathematics Couse involves basic and intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, planar geometry, trigonometry and interpretation of concepts and diagrams.

TAS Tutoring Center

Science section with TAS focuses on conflicting results of experiments, a summary of research, basic sciences data representation and much more to nurture the concepts and observation skill of the students. The course with TAS focuses on the understanding of topics and applying them to new situations with help of graphs and diagrams to build a strong foundation for fundamental concepts. ACT test prep classes with TAS has both weekend lecture for full review and worksheets and weekday recitation with extra homework and practice session.

Students can also register to the online portal for 7 days access to tutors and learning from videos and tutorials for better understanding. Enroll now for presenting your best performance in ACT score this year!

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