NYC Art & Learning center

NYC Art & Learning center

Art Classes

Paint, draw, learn, and unleash your creative potential! We offer all different types of art so you can find what you enjoy most at NYC Art & Learning center.

NYC Art & Learning center


We work to solidify students understanding of Math, Science, and English far past the Common Core standards. We provide both one-on-one and group courses to ensure each student has the optimal learning environment!

NYC Art & summer camp

Summer Camp

Our Summer camp programs include Art Classes, SAT / ACT Prep,coding and STEM Enrichment Courses to prepare students for school curriculum and help them enjoy their Summer Season productively at NYC Art & Learning center!

Learning center

Birthday Parties

We provide both birthday parties, and professional business gatherings. Depending on your needs we aim to build an environment perfect for your occasion! NYC Art & Learning center


Create & Meditate

Create & Meditate is the combination of the ideals and goals of the Indian tradition of Yoga and the calming effects of art. It’s the perfect mix to help you relax and get away from stress.

SAT/ACT Tutoring


Test preparation is an essential step towards an awesome SAT/ACT grade. We offer a UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED method of preparation for all SAT and ACT subjects.

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Welcome to the Theory of Arts and Sciences where we take students through an enriching learning experience. We haven’t restricted ourselves to academics and young students alone and offer classes on creativity and art to all ages. We use meditation as an important ingredient in our programs to creatively engage you mind and build rewarding learning environment. We nurture your interest to learn and grow into an enlightened individual. We transform and empower students to take competition head-on and come out with flying colors.

We have a team of seasoned tutors who bring in years of experience and innovative approach to keep our students ahead of the rest. The requirements of individual students are different and our tutors ensure that each student gets what he or she needs. Some students need special care to help them compete with others. Our individualized and tailored learning plans have helped all our students improve their academic performance and also develop new found interest in different subjects.

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