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TAS helps you get the Best SAT Prep Classes. We offer you the best SAT test prep NY with the help of best SAT prep tutors NY. In our SAT prep classes, our English & Math experts will help you get a better score. Our main aim isn’t to explain the math concepts as well as interpret the reading passages. IN contrast, we will teach useful skills and strategies, which induce the full potential as well as help the students gettheir dream score!

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What’s on the

Guide By TAS SAT 2018-19 Prep Tutoring


  • NYS Algebra I CC
  • Interpreting Linear Systems
  • NYS Geometry CC
  • Understanding Data Analysis & Graphs
  • Interpreting Word Problems & Applications
  • And More..


  • Evidence Based Reading
  • Analysis of Historical and Science Based Passages
  • Grammar Rules & Concepts
  • Expression of Ideas in Context
  • And More..

For a full list of topics & concepts see CollegeBoard.

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To Succeed

You Must Be Able To:

Understand these topics

Apply them to new situations

Interpret their use in graphs, diagrams, etc.

We help you understand the

Fundamental Concepts

behind them!

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SAT 2018 19 Prep Tutoring



2 – Hour Lecture

Full Topic Review

Worksheets & Classwork



1 – Hour Recitation

Extra Review

Homework & Practice



Worksheets & Review Material

Videos & Tutorials

7-Day Access to Tutors

How is the SAT

There are 5 sections on the SAT. One of these is optional.



52 Multiple Choice Questions
(55 Minutes)



44 Multiple Choice Questions
(35 Minutes)


Math (No Calculator)

20 Multiple Choice Questions
(25 Minutes)


Math (With Calculator)

38 Questions
(55 Minutes)


Evidence Based Essay

– Optional –
(50 Minutes)

How is the SAT scored?
(No Essay)

Your SAT scores are calculated as follows:


Calculate Raw Score

Your raw score is simply the number of questions
you answered correctly.
You don’t lose any points for guessing!

English Raw Score = (Correct In Reading) + (Correct In Writing)
Math Raw Score = (Correct in Math No Calculator) + (Correct In Math With Calculator)

Step 2

Calculate Total Score

Your raw score is converted to a section score using a conversion chart.

Max English Section Score = 800
Max Math Section Score = 800
Total Score = (English Section Score) + (Math Section Score)

For a full list of raw scoring & conversions see CollegeBoard.

How is the Essay scored?

Your essay is scored between 2 – 8 points Your score is independent and does not affect your SAT Total Score.

Two Readers Score 1 – 4

Two people will read your essay, and each grades you from 1 – 4 on each of the following criteria.

Reading & Comprehension
AnalysisWriting Style and Grammar

The grades from each reader are added to give you a score between 2 – 8.

For a full description of scoring methods see CollegeBoard.

Cross-Test Scores

These scores provide colleges with a better insight into your academic character. They are calculated based on select questions on your SAT exam.

Cross Test Scores
(10 – 40)

Analysis in Science
Analysis in History/Social Studies


Command of Evidence
Words in Context
Expression of Ideas
and more…

These scores are a great way to figure out where you should focus your SAT Studies!

For a full description of scoring methods see CollegeBoard.

Test Dates

Test Date Registration dealine Late Registration Dealine
Oct 1st Sept 1st Sept 13th
Nov 5th Oct 7th Oct 18th
Dec 3rd Nov 3rd Nov 15th
Jan 21st Dec 21st Jan 10th
Mar 11th Feb 10th Feb 28th
May 6th Apr 7th Apr 25th
June 3rd May 9th May 24th


8d13be_5acb1b3a0f1844f8bea438e1e099d76bI have been a TAS SAT 2016 17 Prep Tutoring student for a year now. You wouldn’t believe where I am from where I started. I was taught a new way of looking at my studies, and the opportunities that were possible for me. I know I have been given the opportunity to succeed and I couldn’t have done it by alone.

Aditya Sehgal
Deer Park, NY

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