Strategy for SAT Passport to Advanced Math Preparation

SAT scores are essential to be part of the admission process. Without a good SAT score, it is important to get into the desired college of your interest. It is an exam to measure your high school learnings and get you your desired undergraduate college. The exam has sections for mathematics and evidence-based reading and writing skills. It also includes an essay section which is optional. Each college admission policies is based on SAT score which makes the entire process of admission very clear, simple and transparent.

Importance of SAT exam

  • Colleges require SAT score to process the admission of a valuable candidate.

  • Students are offered scholarships based on their SAT scores which are good financial aid and moral motivation for any candidate

  • Some of the companies also require the SAT score of the job seekers as it is a good platform to judge the qualification of applying candidate

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Passport to advanced mathematics

This section of SAT math test the understanding of the structure of expressions of a candidate. Applicants are asked to analyze, manipulate and rewrite the expressions. It includes solving of quadratic and higher order equations in one variable, quadratic graphics, and higher order functions, interpretation of solution and constant variable of a nonlinear equation in one variable and creation and use of quadratic or exponential function along with identification of exponential equations.

Here are easy tips and tricks to get a good score in the SAT math section for a passport to advanced mathematics.

  • Get comfortable with adding, subtracting, multiplying and diving polynomial expressions to score better in SAT math

  • It is helpful to recall the core exponential rules to solve patterns and equations with ease

  • Understand the equation structure well to be able to simplify the problem and come up with a required solution.

  • Practice to rearrange and rewrite expressions and equations, remember, practice makes the man perfect.

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Demonstrate the ability to build your own model of a given situation or context by writing an expression or equation to fit it.

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