Cartooning is a way of drawing that breaks the rues of real life. People use cartooning for many reasons like for entertaiment purposes or for advertisements.

Why You Whould Want to Cartoon

People do cartooning for may reasons. One of the most popular reasons is for fun. alot of peopple cartoon because they grew up with cartoons and are influenced by them. other people do it to make things other people enjoy. When you cartoon, you are breaki alot of rules but that doesnt mean you dont have to learn the rules. people who can cartoon are know the basic anatomy rules. Its much easier to make good drawings if you have prier knowlage to base them of of. here is a video showing a step by step process of how to draw cartoons.

Cartoon Anatomy

As stated before, cartons break alot of anatomy rules. One major thing about cartooning is to accentuate certain perts of the body. This helps to bring attention to those parts and helps the veiwer invision what the character is like. Alot of times in cartoons,the head is made larger. This helps to bring attention to the most expressive part of the body. Another thing on the face that is enlarged are the eyes. Eyes can say alot about a person's feelings. Enlarging body parts or just objects in general draws someones attention to them. It can help to keep your reader with you.


Cartooning is very useful when cartooning. There are certain styles that aid in this. In the early 20's, rubber hosing was invented. in rubber hosing, the arms and legs have a very rubbery feeling. this helped to save time when animating so the animators didnt have to sped so much time animating the joints in arms and legs. There alot of things you can do now that speed up the process of animating.