The first game I will give tips on is Minecraft .

To start off I would like to say Minecraft is a great game but it can get a little crazy with its mobs.

Tip #1: Don't Mine At Night!

Mining at night makes the mob spawn rate super high

Tip #2: Don't Dig Straight Down!

Digging straight down will give you a high chance of falling into the lava and dying

Tip #3:Its easier a snipe a skeleton

Skeletons are horrible creatures who love to knock you back with their bows and arrows. if you do the same you can kill them instead of dying.

  • Don't mine at night.
  • Don't dig straight down
  • It's easier to snipe a skeleton.
  • NEVER let a spider get higher ground on you or you will die


Call of duty

This game is a very succesful franchise. Call of duty is a first person shooter game that has many modes that you can play. Call of duty is made by Activision, Infinity ward and Nokia in their ambition to make a great game and a lot of people who have played Call of Duty agree.


This game is also a very sucessful franchise. Overwatch is made by Blizzard Entertainmant. Overwatch gets its name from a comic series made in to a videogame. Overwatch is an anime shooter game that also has many modes and has a series of characters you can play. People that have this game savors this game to their hearts content.


There are many game devices. The main 2 are Xbox and Ps4


The Ps4 is a very poupular console that is played with around the world.The Ps4 offers many games.


The Xbox is very poupular and is the same as the Ps4. The only major difference is that the Xbox is a little more poupular.