Our galaxy is known for only the Sun, stars Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus,and Neptune. there are also Meteors and Dwarf Plantes and thats all we know about the Milky way. Though,there are mysteries like how come it's called the Milky way... or anything else..

In this galaxy so far we are certain the only planet that has life is earth. people are looking at mars. But for Mars you need to go to the "Planets" section. There are also things we have not discovered yet so if you find that out tell me.

Our Galaxy

  • We have planets .
  • We have stars.
  • We have mysteries.
  • We have galaxies.
  • We have some life forms


People use man made machines to help explore outer space.Below are the most well known outer space tech. But remember, new tech is made all the time.

Space shuttles

Space shuttles help astronauts get into space.


Rovers are man made objects that explore planets. The mostly explored planet is Mars.


Sattelites record information about planets . They can stay in space for years.


Spacesuits help you survive in space. You wear them.



This is the closest planet to the sun.


Venus is hot, because it is also very close to the sun. It is not as hot as Mercury.


Earth,our planet,is the only one we are CERTAIN has life forms.


Mars, which rovers have seen,is possible to have Life because there is Water.


After Mars is Jupiter,most noticable for being the biggest and it's Big Red Dot.


Saturn has horizontal rings around it.


Uranus is a gas planet like Saturn, but has vertical rings.


Finally is Neptune, the coldest planet. People do not know a lot about it becuase it is so far away.