Visit now!!!

If you want an adventure, the Bahamas has many jungles and tourist locations for you. If you want to relax this is also the perfect place for you. The Bahamas are islands that are an amazing vacation spot.


It has beautiful beaches and exotic animals, such as pigs(they even have their own island just for them)!!!

Beautiful Sights

Its so eye catching and beautiful, it's out of this world!!

You can even have drinks out of coconuts and pineaples that adults and kids can both enjoy. There are many festive traditions. The sunsets are super pretty.


Everytime you go you will discover something new

You'll never get bored, no matter how many times you go, even if you live there. I can gaurentee you that there are endless activities that you can do.


The Bhahamas go back a long way. All the way back to the 1600s. A lot of pirates came, since the shallow waters were a perfect place to find burried treasure. Christopher Columbus' first encounter was when he landed on the Bahamian island of San Salvador.

This drawing shows the pirates landing on the Bahamas and looking for treasure, while their inhabitants are still on the land.

Kid Friendly

It's also an amazing place for your kids to explore and just have fun. They could learn about their traditions aswell as discover new animals and sights they have never seen before. Don't worry, you can join in on the fun too!