The TAS Summer Camp Arts and Crafts Curriculum include many great activities that are perfect for kids of all ages with no prior experience necessary. The teachers are always on site to provide help when needed and to make sure all students have a sense of what they are doing. Arts and crafts are incredibly important, especially for growing children, as they give a chance for kids to explore their creativity while having fun as well.

Summer Art Classes NY

Summer Art Classes NY

Many kids are so obsessed with technology and often have trouble getting off their tablets and TV’s, but these classes provide kids the opportunity to use their imagination to produce artwork that represents them.

These classes put them in an environment with other students to work on their own projects together, which allows them to make new friends and find inspiration from all over the room. It also gives them a chance to spend their time doing something productive. It allows the kids to use their own imagination to create their beautiful masterpieces.

Gain Decision Making Skills with ART

Now these Art Classes don’t just enhance children’s creativity skills, but improve their coordination skills by learning what different materials are used for and how to follow through instructions for different assignments. They gain decision-making skills by deciding what materials are best to use for their project, what colors to go with, and what they want to do with their finished project.

Gain decision making skills in Art Classes

Gain decision making skills

The students improve their critical thinking skills by making certain decisions that are best for all aspects of their project and learning how to overcome obstacles they might face by going a different route. Crafts and Arts Classes help in the developmental growth in children of all ages. We offer many different art methods for our program so our students learn all the different aspects of art and find something they truly enjoy.

They get to learn all levels of drawing and painting by using different mediums and materials, sculpting, mixed media, DIY crafts and many more.

There are different themes for all the projects so the kids find something new to do daily with our classes. The environment they are put in motivated them to be courageous with their artwork and to go above and beyond.

Kids Fall in love with ART

We make sure all our projects reach out to all kids, but there is always one specific ART a kid falls in love with. There’s always something for somebody! All supplies are provided by TAS so all students have to bring with them is their mind ready to create!

Kids Falls in Art

Kids Falls in Art

Here are some previous projects we have done in past art and crafts classes that our students enjoyed making:

Many of our students who attended these classes have had great experiences. They enjoyed the presence of other children, creating artwork with them and making new friends.

They received direct help from teachers and left the classes with big smiles, excited to show their parents their beautiful artwork. Parents were so thankful their kids were having fun while doing something productive!

What People Says About Our Art Classes

“My daughter loves to draw and has recently gotten into painting so these classes were perfect for her! She’s only eight so the art teacher started her off with something to work for her level. She always came home so excited to tell me all about the new things she learned and was always eager to recreate it at home!!” – Hailey

“My two boys were never interested in art, and I always thought it was because they weren’t good at it. But after they started taking the classes, they really enjoyed learning all the different projects they did. I never thought they would get excited about art!” – Emma

“I had so much fun going to these classes. I learned oil painting and making sculptures by using newspapers. My favorite were all the crafts we made. Thanks, TAS for helping me improve my art skills!” – Mia

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