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Our STEAM Camp is perfect for kids to learn science, have fun, and stay active. Our kids do experiments, workshops, and science modules to learn more about the body, physics, chemistry and so much more.

Our motto is to keep “Working Parents In Mind.”

To stay true to our goal, we provide free pick up & drop off, and make sure your kids are safe, productive, and learning!

TAS Tutoring Center

Camp Dates

July 1st – Aug 28th

*Perfect for Working Moms and Dads*

*Safe, Fun, Productive*

Our Daily Schedule

Drop Off

(Pickup times provided in welcome package)

8 – 9 am

Morning – STEM Learning

(Students learn upcoming topics in accordance with the NYS Common Core

9 am – 12 pm

Lunch Time

(TAS provides a microwave / fridge to keep food. TAS does not provide food
for students.)

12 pm – 1 pm


(Students choose either Computer Coding or Arts & Crafts. More information

1 pm – 3 pm

Daily Activity

3 pm – 5 pm

Pick Up

5 pm – 6 pm

STEM Focus – Morning

Mornings are for Learning

9 am – 12:30 p.m.

Our STEM-based curriculum engages students and improves test scores. We make summer learning fun, interactive, and enjoyable. All work covered over the summer follows the NYS Common Core Curriculum. Kids learn upcoming school topics so they are ready to get ahead and stay ahead.

Seeing Mars – Physics 101 – Chemistry of Life

Sustaining the Environment – Microscopic World – Robo-Labs – Fun with Chemicals

Common Core Certified

At or Above Grade Level

Individualized Learning

TAS Summer camp

STEAM Activities – Afternoon


Students choose an activity to pursue over the course of their summer camp program. We allow students to choose either computer coding or arts and crafts. Seats are limited for computer coding. The seats are distributed on a first come basis. An initial deposit must be made for reservation.


We introduce students to the rapidly growing field of computer coding. They take part in fun and hands-on exercises that involve building websites, creating software, and learning new languages. Our coding students explore languages of Python, Java, HTML5, and CSS3. *Seats are limited*


Arts & Crafts


The TAS Arts & Crafts program gives kids a chance to learn an art and really discover their creativity. Our hands-on classes are the perfect place for students to express themselves and discover new kinds of art like painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and more! Let us start you off, and watch yourself flourish creatively!


Field Trips & Activities

We want kids to enjoy their summer camp. We mix all different kinds of activities!

Students have an amazing time with our summer camp field trips. Students have fun at museums, ride bumper cars, relax at the beach, and so much more!


All of our trips are safe, kid-friendly, and strictly supervised. Your child will always be under the direct supervision of a TAS staff member. All students wear badges, and you can contact your child at any time. There is never a more than 10:1 student to staff member ratio on any trip. Parents can find a detailed safety guide in their welcome booklets.


Safe Transport &

Fun & Team-Based Activities

TAS Summer Camps

Pick Up Service

Hicksville, NY – Jericho, NY –
Bethpage, NY – Plainview, NY – Levittown, NY –

TAS Shuttle service is available to students in the towns/cities listed above. Our pickup service is administered directly by TAS Learning Center. Your child will be with a TAS staff member the entire time, not with any third party service. Remember that the routes and seats on the TAS shuttle are limited. We cannot guarantee that it will be available for all prospective students. The routes and times are distributed to parents and families on a first come basis.

The pick up time will be confirmed for parents by May 14th.

We care deeply about ensuring a safe and productive environment for all students. Parents are provided the contact number of the TAS staff member picking up their kids. Your child’s safety and education are our top priorities.

Included for Camp

Safe & Convenient

TAS Staff Supervised

Tuition & Discounts

The best early investment is a good education.

We know how hard parents work for their kids. Our programs are priced competitively. Our pickup service is provided for students in the full day program only. Routes and times are distributed on a first come basis and seats are limited.

Early Registration Discount: Parents who leave a $250 deposit by April 14th, will receive a 10% discount on the full summer camp program!

Siblings can receive a 5% discount for both the 4-week and 8-week camp. This cannot be combined with other offers.

Special discounts are available for children of veterans, law enforcment, and medical professionals!

Contact a TAS staff member for more information.


Discounts for

No Additional


Frequently Asked Questions

Students who are enrolled in the full-day program will be provided pick up service as part of their camp enrollment. The pickup/drop off service is not available for students who are enrolled in only a select morning (enrichment only) or afternoon (computer coding only/ art only) camps. For routes, timings, and driver contact info see your welcome packages.

TAS does not provide lunch or food to students. Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch and snacks to TAS every day. On select days when TAS holds special events and activities, some food will be served. However, students are still encouraged to bring their own food these days. These dates, activities, and times can be found in your welcome package.

In the event of a trip cancellation or delay, all parents will be notified and TAS will make necessary changes to that day’s schedule. If the trip was scheduled to go all day, TAS will revert back to its regular schedule of tutoring followed by electives and an activity. If the field trip is running late returning to TAS, parents will be contacted by email with the adjusted time.

No. We can only release children to the family member, or additional pickup persons identified in the TAS Additional Contact Form. If parents would like to add additional individuals to their list they must do so in person, not over the phone or through email.

We provide time for kids to finish eating their lunch before starting homework. We do not provide food for children. They must bring their lunch from home.

We’re here to Guide, Inspire, and Support


from TAS Students


Farmingdale, NY
(Grade 10)

“I’ve been with my tutor for about one year. You wouldn’t believe how far I’ve come from when I started. I was having trouble with math and science, and I was considering changing my college major as a result.
” – Maya Harridass


Jericho, NY
(Grade 6)

“I’ll admit it was scary thinking about graduating to middle school, but TAS made the transition very easy! My tutor was easy-going and encouraging to not only myself but everyone in the class, and I’m excited to make new friends and apply my new skills next year.”
” – Anna Kvizkov


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