The ultimate guide for ACT science preparation: Tips & strategies

Cracking the ACT science section and scoring 36 is every high-school student’s cherished dream. After all, securing full marks in the science section is indispensable for getting admission in a STEM course of a top-tier college. ACT science preparation test series of TAS has been designed exclusively with the objective of helping students of high school secure full marks.

TAS ACT tutoring program comprises of multiple ACT science practice test sets which enables high-school seniors to consistently score at least 34. Students are advised to register at any one of TAS’s best ACT prep centers NY to get a good head-start.

1. Time Management is key to scoring 36 on the ACT science section

In order to successfully attempt all the 40 questions in the ACT Science section, you’ll have to master time management skills. TAS’s ACT science practice questions series help students realize their limitations, thereby enabling them to make the best possible use of allotted time. If and when students are aware of their flaws, they’ll be able to focus on questions they can tackle most effectively.

Students will be able to make the most of the 35 minutes stipulated for the ACT science section if they:-

  • Solve as many free ACT practice test sets as possible

  • Regard the practice tests as real ones (by using a stopwatch programmed to beep after 35 minutes)

  • Evaluate their scores based on two yardsticks (the actual score achieved in 35 minutes and the score secured with extra time; assessing which questions took additional time)

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2. Students become familiar with test format by solving a free ACT practice test

ACT science tutoring course of TAS is modeled on the actual test format. In other words, all ACT science preparation modules contain 40 objective type questions (with multiple answers). At the same time, the questions cover all the relevant subjects including meteorology, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology.

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The questions enable students to:-

  • Answer questions based on their general knowledge (there’ll be a few questions whose answers may not be there in the passages)

  • Use their instinct and common sense

  • Find out answers by conjecturing

  • Study and understand statistical data, graphs, pictograms, and so on

3. Helps identify and understand ACT types of passages

The ACT types of passages can be grouped under three distinct categories-experiments, contrasting viewpoints, charts & graphs. The TAS ACT science preparation tests incorporate all the three passage types.

4. ACT science tutoring program helps students become flexible

Adopting a flexible approach goes a long way in enabling a student to clear the ACT science section with flying colors. And that is exactly what the TAS ACT tutoring program seeks to achieve-making students adaptive instead of becoming fixated on a particular order of working on the passages.

5. ACT science practice test aids in picking up the essence of science passages

High-school students become adept in picking out the central idea or gist of a passage by consistently working on the ACT science practice sets. They’re able to better understand graphs, easily spot trends, and decipher complicated figures which in turn help them to choose the right answers.

6. TAS ACT science preparation series helps brush up core scientific ideas

In order to achieve an excellent score, it is extremely crucial to have a clear idea about the fundamental concepts of science. TAS ACT science practice questions enable high-school seniors to develop an in-depth knowledge of core scientific concepts.

7. To say the last but not the least stay calm

Many talented students fail to secure the full 36 marks in the ACT science section because they don’t have a positive attitude. Hence, it is extremely important to stay calm and cool during the exam in order to excel.

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